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Laracoat® Technology

Laracoat® available from Lara Nichols strives to create healthier, cleaner environments by implementing our revolutionary nano antimicrobial coating to complement our quality cleaning services. Our process enables most surfaces to be treated and protected for 90-days. This allows those treated surfaces to have a much higher protection level against bacteria & viruses by forming a barrier layer which keeps these nasties from being able to settle. Your workforce and clients are therefore in a much safer environment, especially if most of you touchable surfaces are treated with Laracoat®.


Laracoat® can be applied to most materials such as metals, plastic, wood & Glass. This process and protection give people peace of mind. Utilisation of this technology creates a healthier environment for you, your patients, clients, students and patrons, without the use of harmful chemicals. Commercial examples are:

  • Door handles & push plates
  • Shared equipment such as Photocopiers
  • Reception areas and clock-in machines
  • Handrails, Lifts & toilets
  • Vending machines, drinks machines & coffee makers
  • Keyboards, Mouse’s, Phones, touchscreens & tools
  • Now in homes & cars

  • Key Facts:

    Lara Coat Multi-Surface Self Sanitising Nano-Coating is water borne thin film coating that keep the surfaces free from microbes like virus, bacteria and other pathogens with a proven and test verified effectiveness (July 2020, Nelson Labs USA) against human coronavirus (229E). Proven effective and test verified against SARS COVID-19 (August 2020). EU and FDA registered. The active contains in the product is the combination of metal nanoparticles and on-migratory cationic disinfectant, which are extremely effective in inactivation of enveloped RNA virus and bacterial DNA genome. It is easy to use and having no cytotoxicity. This effective self-sanitising nano-coatings works through contact killing mechanism and remain active on surface for minimum 90 days if not damaged mechanically.

    Key Features

    • Water borne thin film protection against virus & bacteria
    • PROVEN effectiveness against human coronavirus (229E) / 99%, efficacy as per anti-viral performance standard ISO 18184. Independent lab Test report available
    • Proven effectiveness against SARS COVID-19. Independent lab Test report available
    • Provides 99.998% germ protection up to 90 days
    • Contains effective Nano materials with no cytotoxicity
    • Self-Sanitization avoids requirement of regular dis-infection
    • Recommended for all surfaces such as metal, wood, plastic, glass, fabrics, leather, concrete walls, tiles, electronic devices, touchpoints etc
    • Conforms to global standards JIS L 1902 and AATCC 100. ULTRAPEL MICROB 150 AB is effective to inactivate pathogens on the surface
    • Tested and certified according to global ISO standard 18184
    • EU approval EN1276, EN13697, EN14476. REACH registered
    • FDA approved

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